How India Vs Australia One Day Series is Damaging for Cricket

For every Cricket Lover like me, Cricket that I love to watch was a competitive Sports. This Game was as much of a inspiration for me as any thing else when i saw players players giving their every thing for a run or a catch. It was the sense of calmness that I as a cricket lover used to love when u watch the match when there was things that could not have been predicted because there was enough competition between the bat and the ball. But Sadly, this India Vs Australia 2013 One Day series is playing the role of unbalancing the game from the base of it. Every one wants to see fours and sixes hit in the matches, but there has to be some competition that is going on in there. In 4 matches so far which have been played, 3 times scores over 300 have been chased and 2 times scores of 350 have been chased in a one day match and that too with ease. I have been watching Cricket since i was 5 years old and have been analyzing it for the past 8 years, but there was no one instance in which the balance of the competition was disturbed by the fact that the playing field was not balanced.



Its sad and hard to see bowlers from both teams playing the role of the bowling machine so that once 50 Overs are done, they can sit and watch the same happening with the other side bowlers. We Cricket lovers want see a the sports where there is competition between bat and ball. However looking at what the BCCI authorities are doing with the pitches, its more becoming like you are watching a football match with no goal keepers at either end. I wonder how much fun that would have been but one thing is for sure, this is not helping Cricket in any way one way or the other. It is threatening the game of Cricket in the long run to see so much dominance of Batsmen over Bowlers.


Any one who analyze Cricket can not deny the brilliance of Virat Kohli, Shekar Dhawanor Australian Skipper George Bailey, but there brilliance will be overshadowed by the fact that this Run Fest strategy implemented by the BCCI authorities will not going to help the Game any where in the world and there for ICC should get into this and ask the boards to prepare pitchImagees that will balance the game.  Cricket as like any other game, should be a balanced game with equal opportunity for both the batsmen and the bowlers as that is the real beauty of the game which every one would like to see.

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Top 5 Teams of BPL Till Now :

Hello everyone, well I’m back and I’m really looking forward to this now. Well today I would like to discuss my opinion about English Premier League. It’s often said that English Premier League is one of the best League in the world if not the best. This season the League is really transformed into something which is very competitive and very exciting for the viewers all around the world. Till date Manchester city is leading the table with 48 points while Manchester United is second with three points behind. Right now it’s looking like a 5 horse race to the title with Tottenham Hotspur, Arsenal and Chelsea also pushing their way into the top 5, making this one of the most open Premier League in the recent times. So today we will discuss these 5 teams briefly.:

Manchester City:

Manchester city is now the best team by some distance in the league. City having two players from nearly every position makes there squad the best in the league. With the likes of David Silva, Sergio Aguero and others, city really performed for most of the season up to their potential. But yet at some points City could not able to cope up with the high expectations. City lost a very important match at Sunderland and the Stadium of lights in the last minute. If they would have one that they could be six points clear of Manchester United in the table. City went out of the Champions League in the first round after finishing third in the undoubtedly the Group of Death and they also could not beat Wigan away which also led them to lose two crucial points and a very important time of the season. Yet City holds a pretty impressive position in the league. David Silva is arguably the best player of the season till now. His movement of the ball and his ability to control the match with his own pace and his creative through balls and passes is one main reason due to which Manchester City is on the top of the league. He scored 4 and assisted 11 goals till now and still there is 18 more game weeks to go. Another impressive player from Manchester City is Sergio Aguero who in his first season in just 20 game weeks put the ball 14 times in the net while assisted 5 times as well. For City to win the league, these 2 players have to keep up there current form for the rest of the season.

Manchester United:
Manchester United is the 2nd in the League with just 3 Points behind Manchester City. United had a brilliant start to the season in which they beat their Rivals Arsenal 8-2 at Old Trafford, but their form drops down when they got defeated at Old Trafford by their City Rivals 6-1 at Old Trafford, which was one of the biggest defeat for Manchester United in the past 2 decades at Old Trafford. After that united lost their scoring form and went on to fail to qualify for the round of 16 after losing to FC BASEL in Switzerland in the last match of the round robin where they just needed a draw to qualify in a fairly easy group to go throw. United’s problem this season is being the lack of creativity with the likes of Paul Scholes retiring before the season even start. Someone like Snider would be someone who is very much required at Manchester United. Nani and Rooney are undoubtedly the 2 most impressive player upfront for United. Rooney scored 13 goals in the premier league while assisted 4, on the other hand Nani scored 8 and assisted 9 till this date. Phil Jones at the back is also another positive for United this season with his ability to defend and at the same time ability to come forward as well. Till now Phil Jones scored 1 goal, assisted 2 and had 8 clean sheet this season for United. United will next play New Castle tonight.

Tottenham Hotspur:
Currently on the 3rd place in the league, Tottenham is being a surprise package over all. Not many people would have bet on Tottenham to be 3rd in the league after Christmas and not by just a point or two, Tottenham is 5 points clear of the 4th place Chelsea with a game in hand. With the likes of Van Der Vaart and Bale performing the way they did last summer, it’s the inclusion of the likes of Scott Parker and Adebayor which made Tottenham look like a real title contenders for at least first half of the season. Scott Parker is probably the best defensive midfielder currently playing in the Premier League, he might not look charismatic but he is the sort of player who is low profile and will win you matches. He is the sort of player who knows when to go forward or when to hold back according to the team requirement. With Scott Parker as a defensive midfielder who is reliable and experience, it gives the freedom to the likes of Luka Modric who wants to go forward. Van Der Vaart till now have another impressive season till now with scoring 7 and assisting 3, while Gareth Bale looks like a much more complete player with scoring 7 and assisting 7 as well. Adeboyar have a impressive first season at Tottenham where he scores 9 and assisted 7 as well. Though it seems like Tottenham is a much better outfit this season, but their main problem is at the back where they look like a totally different outfit defensively with Ledley King playing, and with him not playing they look like a real vulnerable unit at the back. They need to invest some thing in their back four to strengthen their defensive unit which can help them to be a serious contender to stay in top 4 for some time.


Chelsea has a very good recent history where there have been rated as one of the real contenders, but this season they looped below par. Currently 5 points behind 4th place Tottenham with a game more played, and 11 points behind League Leaders Manchester City, it doesn’t look good at all for the blues. Chelsea have named a new coach Andres Villa Boas, with just 34 years old and had a really successful season at FC Porto, where he led the team to a very famous Treble last year. But his problem starts at a point where most of his squad age nearly around his age or even more than him. The likes of Jhon Terry, Frank Lampard, Alex, Anelka, Malouda, Drogba are in to mid 30’s and the team always found wanting of the pace of the other teams who have young blood in their squad to create problems for the aging squad. Then Chelsea also have a problem of a miss-firing Fernando Torres who is the most expensive player Chelsea have ever bought. In 20 games week, Torres scored just twice while assisted as many as well. Though there are some positives for Chelsea in the names of the new signing Juan Mata from Valencia, who is being a big influence in the midfield by scoring 4 times, as well assisted 7 times. Daniel Sturridge who is arguably one of the most influential striker in the Premier League this season, by scoring 9 times and assisted thrice this season so far. Chelsea had a problem for most part of the first half where they concede a lot of goals due to high line played by Andre’s Villa Boas which turn out to be not so good tactic while having the aged defender’s like Terry others. David Luiz so far is failed to impress every one due to his un predictability in his defensive duties. Chelsea have a lot of work to do if they want to stay in top 4, where they will have a tough fight with Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool.


After losing Cesc Febregas to Barcelona and Samir Nasri to Manchester City, Arsenal recovered really well to what was a disastrous start to their season. Arsenal lost 8-2 to arch rivals Manchester United at old Trafford which was one of the biggest defeats in Arsene Wenger’s career as an Arsenal Coach. Even then Arsenal recovered really well from that defeat and currently position 5th in the table, just a point behind 4th place Chelsea, and 12 points behind the League Leaders Manchester City. Arsene Wenger did bring some experience players with the likes of Arteta from Everton, Benayoun from Chelsea and Peter Mertesacker from Werder Bremen, but the player who take all the lime light of the season till now is none other than Robin Van Persie. The Dutchman in just 20 league games have scored 17 times while assisted 6 as well. With Robin Van Persie performing at such a level, it undermines the unsung heroes of the current Arsenal outfit with like’s of Mikel Arteta, Thomas Vermaelen and Goal keeper Wojciech Szczęsny. Wojciech Szczęsny is someone who proved many critics wrong with his performance throughout the season till now. He is young and a quick learner and a real good future prospect for Arsenal to be pleased about. Mikel Arteta on the other is probably one of the best holding midfielder in the country. He knows how to control the game and he is someone who is low profile which makes him one of the best signings of the summer for Arsene Wenger. Thomas Vermaelen after returning from the injury really proves to be a guaranteed starter with his big personality as a defender and proved himself to be someone who wants to go forward as well. With all of this going in the right direction for Arsenal, they can pose a real Challenge to Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham to finish in top 4 which is very realistic hope for Arsenal.



Premier League is turning out to be one of the most competitive league in the World, with Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Tottenham, Arsenal and Liverpool all have the potential to beat any one of the top 6 any day, and any four of them can finish in top 4. It’s such a competitive league that even Blackburn upset Manchester United at Old Trafford but yet they lost to Sunderland back home. While Refereeing decisions are something FA needs to look at with so many wrong decisions every week in every week out, and those decisions are affecting the match as well. Apart from that the league is turning into something very interesting for the viewers as every week there are great matches to look forward too. I will try to give my view about one match of the week every week at least and will make sure that my readers will read the most in depth analysis of English Premier League.

World Cup: A Brief Preview

Cricket World Cup 2011 which is going to held in Cricket Crazy Sub – Continent is just around the corner and every team is about to ready to have their best shot at the title and at least 8 out of 9 Test Playing Nations would love to have their hand after 12 long years, because since 1999 its been Australia all the way. So let’s talk briefly about all the possible candidates for the World Cup.

Players to watch out for: Ricky Ponting, Shane Watson, Brett Lee and Cameron White

The mighty Australians will start another World Cup defense on 21st February against Zimbabwe. The Australian team much like any other team is suffering from injury problems and miss the likes of Hussey and Hauritz who could not make it to last 15 due to injury problems. Captain Ricky Ponting and Deputy Michal Clark have been out of form lately but just clicked at the right time during the warm-up matches. Australia has the services of amazing pace attack including Lee, Tait, Bollinger and Johnson. In the form Shane Watson they have one of the leading Batting All-Rounder in their team. Australia has a serious problem in their spin department with just one regular spinner Jason Kareza in their ranks. Their lower order lacks stability with the absence of MR. Cricket Michal Hussey, and that’s why Cameron White has more responsibility than ever before, but by any means that does not mean he is not capable to deal with it, time and again he showed the world what he is capable of. All in all a decent batting line up, amazing pace attack, ordinary spin department and as usual great in the fielding, Australia might find it hard to win it as easily as they did in the past 2 World Cups.

Players to watch out for: Shakib-Al-Hasan, Tamim Iqbal, Mohammad Ashraful and Abdur Razzak

The Bengal Tigers finally have a very good chance of stealing the big stage. With their ever so dependable Captain Shakib-ul-Hassan, good spin department and a good form in their home country in the recent past give their fans something good to hope for. They might not be the one who can Win the World Cup, or have a serious shot at the title but they are for sure someone who can spoil the party for others. The explosive players like Tamim Iqbal, Muhammad Ashraful and Junaid Siddique, reliable players like Shakib-Al-Hassan and Shehriar nafees, a good fielding side, a very good spin department though lack in the pace department gives Bangladesh a real chance to surprise teams at the World.

Players to watch out for: Graeme Swan, Jonathan Trott, Kevin Peterson and James Anderson

The ashes winners, the T-20 World Champions are one of the hot favorite teams to arrive in the World Cup. Though they had a pretty torrid time in the One-Day series after the ashes win, still they are one of the strongest teams to arrive in the World Cup due to their brilliant display in the limited over version over the past 12 months. Exclusion of Eoin Morgan due to fracture is no doubt a big loss to England’s cause but with the likes of Strauss, Trott, Bell and Kevin Peterson all in pretty decent form, All Rounder’s like Bresnan, Yardy, Collingwood and Luke Wright, Spin Maestro like Swan who is probably the best spinner in the world right now, good seem attack including Broad, Anderson and Shehzad who have the ability to take wickets at crucial time surely gives England more than just a chance to Win their first ICC WORLD CUP giving they will stay injury free throughout the tournament.

Players to watch out for: Virat Kohli, Sachin Tendulkar, Yusuf Pathan, Zaheer Khan

The no.1 Test team of the World, undoubtedly the strongest Batting Line-up in the World. Some say they are too strong that they find it too hard to even select their playing 11. India nearly has everything covered according to their prospective but somehow I disagree with that. India have a serious problem with their bowling department because one would find it difficult to find a genuine match winner apart from Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan, though their this deficiency have always been covered by great leadership qualities of Dhoni, amazing Batting line-up that includes the likes of Sachin, Sehwag, Yuvraj, Gambhir, Yusuf Pathan, Raina and Kolhli, and amazing management that includes a great Cricketing brain of Gary Kirsten. As a cricket follower I would love to see other bowlers like Munaf Patel, Sreesanth, Piyush Chawla and Ravichandran Arshiwin to put their hand up and make India a complete team and it would not be a great surprise if India will be a crowned Champion after 2nd April 2011.

New Zealand:
Players to watch out for: Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum, Daniel Vettori and Kyle Mills

The Black Caps are going through one of the bad patch of their Cricketing history. Even still Black Caps have some potential match winners with the likes of Ross Taylor, Brendon McCullum, Jesse Ryder, experience players like Scott Styris, Jacob Oram, a very intelligent Captain in the face of Daniel Vettori who is one world-class spinner as everyone knows about it. Their bowling apartment do lack some genuine match winners but its decent enough for One-Day side with the likes of experienced Kyle Mills, youngsters like Tim Southee and Hamish Bennett, and a pretty decent spinners in the face of Vettori and Nathan McCullum. Their team management is new in their ranks but not short of any experience with the services of World Cup Finalist coach John Wright and a bowling coach in the face of veteran South African Bowler Alan Donald. In all, no one is rating Black Caps as one of the contenders for the title but they surely have the fire power to unsettle some of the big guns to become a big surprise for everyone.

Players to watch out for: Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Akhtar, Misbah-ul-Haq and Ahmad Shehzad

The Un-Predictable, Controversy Favorite, and exciting team to watch for. Pakistan have everything that it takes for someone to be a fan of Pakistan team. One can expect them to be an absolute Champion one day, and then the other day they can lose to a non-test playing nation. It’s even a surprise for most people how can Pakistan team looks like one of the most balanced team in the Tournament after what ever happened to them over the past 12 months. Even after the absence of 4 of their main players, 3 due to ban’s from ICC after the spot fixing scandal and 1 because of non-clearance from the PCB, they still look on the paper as one of the most strongest teams in the tournament. They are the perfect balance of youth and experience who have the ability to win any match. The pacers like Shoaib, Wahab Riaz and Umer Gul have the ability to dismiss any batting line up in the world. Spin department is full of variety with the likes of full time spinners like Saeed Ajmal and Abdur Rehman, Spin explosive all-rounders like Shahid Afridi and Muhammad Hafeez, have the services of some of the cleanest hitters in the World Cricket with the likes of Abdur Razzaq, Umer Akmal, Kamran Akmal and Ahmad Shehzad while Misbah and Younis Khan provide stability to the unit. All in all one dangerous bunch of players who if play as a unit, then they can surely turn in to a serious contender for the title.

Republic of South Africa:
Players to watch out for: Hashim Amla, Jacques Kallis, Ab De-Villiers, and Dale Steyn

The famous tag of “CHOKERS” is with South African team ever since they came back to the International Cricket in 1990’s. They have a bad history of choking at the wrong time and at every big stage. Even then on the paper South Africa is one of the 3 most top favorite teams to lift the World Cup and that is just due to their near Perfect team. They have every department covered with excellence, with the likes of the leader Graeme Smith, De-Villiers, Jp Duminy, Hashim Amla and Jacques Kallis make their batting look as strong as any other team. Dale Steyn, Morne Morkel, Tsotsbe, and Wayne Parnell make them one of the best pace attack in the tournament if not the best. Joan Botha, Robin Peterson, and Imran Tahir complete a very good spin department as well.  They are undoubtedly one of the strongest fielding side in the tournament. In short, South Africa have everything at their disposal that is required to be a World Champion, but only time will tell if they will be successful in removing the “CHOKERS” tag this time or not.

Sri Lanka:
Players to watch out for: Angelo Mathews, Lasith Malinga, Kumar Sangakara and Muralitharan

The 1996 Champions, Sri Lankan team is for me the most balanced team in this tournament but not many people will agree with me. They have all the essence that is required to be the Champion of Champions. Be it the most amazing mind in cricket of Captain and former captain, Sangakara and Jayawardene, or be at the explosive style of batsmen likes of Dilshan and Kapugedera. Be it the spin master class of Murli, Mendis and Herath or be it the most lethal new ball and old ball bowlers in the face of Kulusekra and Malinga. Be it the reliability of Samaraweera and Chamara Silva or be it one of the top all-rounder in the game like Angelo Mathews. All in all, there is no doubt that Sri Lanka have all it takes to be up there at the top on 2nd of April with the trophy in their hands and at least I am sure not many people will be shocked about it.

West Indies:
Players to watch out for: Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, Kemar Roch and Pollard

Apart from the Black Caps, West Indies do also have one of the weakest team in the tournament but due to their rich history no one will want to count them out. They surely have a pretty decent side that can upset one on a given day but they lack the fire power to go all the way and lift the trophy. Likes of Gayle, Bravo, Chanderpaul, Pollard, Roch are a bunch of good players and potentially match winners as well, but their recent history does not show much hopes for their fans. They have to play as a unit to get any success and their Captain Sammy has to lead from the front to get the team united and make them fight for everything.


In the end after talking about all the major teams of the tournament, I can easily say that this World Cup will be one of the most open World Cup at least in the past decade with nearly 6-7 test playing nations have a chance to win the World Cup which is very healthy for the sports itself. Though the format is long and it is as such that it surely minimized the chance for any new comers to go through the quarter finals, but it also ensures the fans that the later stages of the tournament will have intense battle between the big guns of the tournament which is going to keep the interest of the cricket lovers all over the world.

Afridi or Misbah ? Who should Captain Pakistan?

Well as the World Cup comes closer, teams are getting ready for the assault to get the glory which is every cricketer’s dream from the day they started playing cricket. Every team have their focus on the World Cup and they are now planning on how to get their approach straight and how can they get the ultimate Glory which is Winning the ICC CRICKET WORLD CUP. By now every team have announced their Captain, Management and Playing Squad. Well not every team, because PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board) have announced their squad, team management but without Captain when the Cricket World Cup is about 30 days away.

One just can’t understand what PCB is trying to do? Are they trying to Pressurize their own Captain? Or is there something else they are now thinking to do? Why is there have to be a debate about who should be the Captain of Pakistan Team when the world Cup is less than a month away? Who are the candidates and are they really capable enough of replacing the current one day Captain, Shahid Afridi? All these questions are there to be answered but unfortunately, as everyone expected, it’s been the way PCB handle things, they are just not coming out and talking to media and they are successfully hiding from every one. Ejaz Butt, a chairman who ruined Pakistan Cricket present, past and future all together, ruined the relationships with the cricket boards and the ICC, who is very vocal in things, as much vocal as he alleged the England Cricket team of match fixing on the national television without any proof and then apologized publicly about that, is now vanished somewhere and now you can hardly see him on the television. One wonder sometimes if he is going to stay disappear from the scene just like Osama Bin Laden did?

Anyways there are just some points I can briefly say why Misbah-ul-Haq or any one should not replace Afridi as a one day Captain for the World Cup:

  • Afridi’s place in the ODI lineup is irreplaceable and there are not many players like that in the team. The other players are Shoaib Akhtar and Umer Gul. You can’t appoint a captain someone like Shoaib Akhtar who have just played more than 150 matches over the past 13 years and being dropped just one’s due to bad performance but he was unavailable on the fitness grounds most of the time. Umer Gul has no experience to captain any domestic side as well so he can’t just come out of the bloom and become a Captain of Pakistan Cricket Team.
  • Senior Players like Younis Khan and Misbah-ul-haq is having a hard time in sustaining their place in One day lineup, due to below par performance in the recent past. Youngsters like Asad Shafiq, Ahmed Shehzad and Umer Akmal are more likely to replace them specially Misbah Ul Haq.
  • Kamran Akmal is just returned after being cleared by the Integrity committee and the Scotland Yard and the ICC for his alleged role in the spot fixing scandal. But there are still doubts over him since he is been part of some really suspicious keeping performances over the past 2 years and one could understand that he is not in the right frame of mind to lead Pakistan Cricket team.
  • Abdul Razzaq is a one senior player and his recent heroics with the bat made him one of the strongest candidate to replace Shahid Afridi, but his bowling performances is a big question mark on his overall place in the team.
  • Due to the suspension salman butt is not available and Shoaib Malik was not cleared by the Integrity committee of PCB. If they would be available then they could be a strong candidate for the Captaincy. But as of now both are not available.

With all these problems and tension surrounding Pakistan cricket, the wiser decision is to retain the Captain for the World Cup. But as we have witnessed before that PCB can do the unthinkable, it would not be a great surprise if they appoint Misbah as his replacement for the world cup. Yes under Misbah captaincy Pakistan team have won a series in the New Zealand against New Zealand, but that was a test series and the World Cup is played in the One day format. Yes there is a greated argument that under Afridi’s Captaincy, Pakistan have not won a series. But just to answer that Pakistan is surrounding by controversies ever since Afridi took the charge. First it was the inquiry committee report about the devastated Australian Tour in which Pakistan Team failed to win any match at all. Then in the England tour, it was the “SPOT FIXING” scandal. These are difficult times and Afridi is showing a big heart in leading Pakistan to victories even in these conditions. No matter what the case is, even if Pakistan will lose the series 6-0, he should be remained captain for the World Cup. This is not the time to do these changes and these changes will only harm Pakistan’s chances as a team of performing well in the World Cup if there are any chances left on the practical note. Pakistan team is already surrounded by things that should not be there for a team to have an ideal preparation for this big event, and one more blunder from PCB could make way for Pakistani Team’s another early exit from the World Biggest Cricket stage.

Corruption and Cricket …. A lost CAUSE?

As the NOTW (News of the World) an English Tabloid, revealed a “STING” operation on Pakistan Cricket Team, on August 28th 2010, the whole Cricketing World jolted by the effects of something that never happened before. We can call it “MATCH FIXING” , “SPOT FIXING”, “FANCY BETTING” or whatever, but one way or the other we all knew that it was there. We all used to deny that now “CRICKET – The Gentle Men’s GAME” is “ ABSOLUTELY CLEAN” and there is nothing like that. Though some ex-players raised their concerns about some matches at numerous times, but no one came with any substantial proof. But finally NOTW (NEWS OF THE WORLD) an English Tabloid, came with something substantial and helped ICC to open their eyes and take these matters seriously. I am a Pakistani and I can easily say here that “OH THIS IS A PART OF A GREAT GAME” but I will try to be neutral here and judge things on the basis what we can see till now.  And what’s not so GREAT Surprise is, guess what Its Pakistan Cricket Team again involves in one of the Biggest Scandals the Game of Cricket have ever witnessed.

No doubt that Pakistan Cricket is undoubtedly the most controversial of all. Being involved in nearly all the biggest scandals of the Game is not something which one should be proud of. But on the other hand,Pakistan Cricket has also produced some of the GREATEST Talents the World have ever witnessed. Be it the Left – Arm magician with the name of Wasim Akram, or be it the classiest spinner like Abdul Qadir who invented “Googly” or Saqlain Mushtaq who invented “Doosra”, be it the fastest Bowlers of the World like Shoaib Akhtar and Waqar Younis, or be it one of the Greatest All-Rounder and Captain of all time Imran Khan. Pakistan has been a great servant of the Game, but yet as a cricketing Nation, they have to get their House in Order before it becomes all too late.

Coming back to “Match-Fixing” scandal, I would like to raise some very important questions. First of all I don’t get what ICC is exactly trying to do with this case.If the video evidence of NOTW have been found as a genuine tape and if it is proven that the video was made before the match then the case is dead and buried there. No one and I mean no one can give justification if the video is proved to be recorded before the match. If the video is not proved to be genuine then ICC have the weakest case to defend and yes they are making a big mistake if they are suspending the players without any solid proof. But I doubt that ICC is that stupid that they don’t know what exactly they are trying to do. I will get a 10 Thousand Wat Shock if these players were found Not Guilty overall and ICC release them from all charges.

But let’s suppose that this case is genuine, and ICC will get success in banning these players for life. But are they the only one who are  doing that and is it fair to just blame the Pakistan Cricket for all this Match Fixing ,Spot Fixing or whatever you can call it. Is it justified for ICC and the rest of the world to keep having doubts over Pakistani Team only? Even if they win, they lose? Or they lose by a smallest margin? One would have to say that some people in Pakistan belief that these players are pro-visionary suspended for the past 5 months just because they are Pakistani’s and that Pakistan Cricket Board in general is too weak to defend their players.

What if these players were not Pakistani’s and let’s suppose they were Indian’s or Australians or English players, would ICC ban these players the same way they did to Pakistani players? Does ICC have the courage to do that? The Clear Answer is “NO”

ICC can never do that not because ICC just hates PAKISTAN but because ICC is not as independent as any other Sports Body just like FIFA. They are too much dependent on BCCI (Board of Cricket Control India), CA (Cricket Australia) and ECB (England Cricket Board) for the funds and that’s why ICC role will always look suspicious until or unless ICC will become totally independent. ICC’s role becomes even more suspicious when Chief Executive of ICC MR.Logart gave a very immature statement when he confirmed the media that Pakistan’s Victory over England also comes into Scanner of ICC’s Anti-Corruption Unit  (ACU), in which the ACU will investigate Pakistan’s team performance and will not investigate England Team Performance even though the England Cricket Team did so much too loose a very easily win match then Pakistan Team for eventually winning that match. Even then everyone doubts on Pakistan Cricket Team which was totally unfair to the Pakistani Nation as well as the Pakistan Cricket Team. And that’s when some people raise their eye brows and ask questions like :

Why ICC will not investigate the Suresh Raina incident which was officially complained not by any Tabloid but by ICC’s Full Member, Sri Lankan Cricket Board??

Why ICC never banned players like Shane Warne, Mark Waugh who even admitted that they were a apart of Match Fixing?

Why ICC never investigate the Collapse of Indian Batting line up for just 80 Runs against one of the weakest bowling line-up in the World of Black Caps on a good batting track in the first match of a Tri series played in Sri Lanka in 2010. On the same pitch, on that same day New Zeland scored 280 runs and Indian Team suffered one of the biggest defeats by runs margin in ODI history?

Why ICC never investigate the 1stT-20 International  between West Indies and Zimbabwe which was played in 2010 in which Zimbabwe beaten West Indies by some 26 runs after scoring just 105 while batting first? Let me just mention here that West Indies team had players with the likes of Ramdin, Chanderpaul, Dwayne Brave, Pollard and Darrin Sammy.

How can the best Australian Team of all time beaten by Bangladesh? With Players like Gilchrist, Hayden, Mc Grath, Ponting?



If ICC will not investigate on these kind matches and investigate on just one country’s Matches, it will just create more and more doubts in the mind of a common man as well as that country, it can be any country really not specifically Pakistan, will feel like that they have pushed in a corner on no grounds. ICC’s neutral behavior is all everyone wants to see. And that’s why, ICC as the Governing body has a lot to prove in this case. As a Cricket lover all I want to say justice should be done. If anyone is guilty he should be punished because nothing is bigger than the game, and if anyone is innocent then he should be cleared for life.

Demise of Australian Cricket

Why Australia is where they are today? What happened to the “GREAT” Australian Side which used to “RULE” the Cricketing World with qualities that never seems to fallen apart over a decade. But what happened to one of the Finest Teams of All Departments in the Game fallen apart so easily in just 3 years?  It was all hunky dory till 2007 when Australia regain the World Cup Title for the 2nd time in a row, everything was looking perfect, the Team, the Captain, the Players, the Management, the Backup, the System, and people used to say that this regime will not fall apart that easily over the next decade. But just 3 years, that’s all it takes to destroy the Power House of the Cricketing world. As far as I can understand, my perception is different from the rest. I can briefly mention some very important that I believe Leaders of the Cricketing World should avoid to do.

No 1 – Lack of Respect for Players

No 2 – “Favoritism”

No 3 – Lack of Respect for Backup as well

No 4 – Lack of patience for Backup

Now let’s just elaborate a bit each and every point that I have already mentioned above and talk about it briefly.

Point Number 1: Lack of Respect for Players

Well a lot of people will disagree with me on this or they would at least argue about it that this

is not the case, and they will call it a “CONTROLING BODY” over players so the terms like “PLAYER POWER” will never come into equation. But I disagree with every person who has this mentality. For every successful profession, one would have to find a balance of things to begin with. I mean how can any team afford to kick out player with the likes of Michel Bevan, Andy Bichel who never ever caused any trouble in the team, and who were at the top of their game?

Michel Bevan, Andy Bichel were the 2 main Players because of whom Australia won the 2003 World Cup. Michel Bevan to be precise with was tagged as the “GOD” of finishing matches and turning a lost cause into a winning one.  Andy Bichel was at his prime form in 2003 when he along with Bevan played a crucial part in winning the 2003 World Cup. Yet CA (Cricket Australia) did not renew their Central Contracts in 2004. You cannot just let the players go like this when they have been a part of some great achievements. It’s not right morally and this is not how people treat their Hero’s. The same mistake they did with Damien Marty as well, they pressurized him too much that even with a very decent record he retired eventually before time.

Point Number 2: Too Much Favoritism

Well as we have heard about the word of “FAVORITISM” in South Asian cricket, they are not the only ones that have this problem. It happens to be a problem in Australia as well. May be not as much as in India, Pakistan or West Indies but it is there for sure. The prime example of that were Brad Hodge and David Hussey. They both were the prime performers in Australian Domestic Season as well as abroad but they were given very little chance or let’s just say that no chance to be practical at all. Brad Hodge was and is the best middle order player in Australia but yet they include Marcus North and then Steve Smith in their test line up to bat at No 6 and left Brad Hodge out of the equation who have an average of 58 Runs per inning in 6 tests. These kinds of things will not help any team to stay on the top for long.

Point Number 3: Lack of Respect for Backup as well

Australia does not only show disrespect to their great players but to their Backup as well. Likes of Nathan Bracken, Stuart Clarke, Brad Hodge, Nathan Hauritz were all ignored way too quickly than one expected it to be. Nathan Bracken was the No.1 bowler in ODI when he got injured and never came back to the side. Stuart Clarke was called to be the nearest replacement in Tests at least for Glen Macgrath due to his immaculate line and length. But he got injured and never came back for unknown reasons. Nathan Hauritz had a bad patch and he was ignored forever while Brad Hodge never had a bad patch but even then he was ignored. Things like these never suit a worthy World Champions.

Point Number 4: Lack of Patience for Backup

Australia does not show patience with their backup as well. They shuffle too quickly and that’s not the way to go. Some time back England used to do the same thing. Shuffle, shuffle and more shuffles. Now they have learned the art of keeping the basics straight. Trust the players and give them time. Not Every player can be Shane Warne, Wasim Akram, Glen Macgrath, Shoaib Akhtar, Murlitharan, Alan Donald, Sachin Tendulkar or Brain Lara, so everyone should be treated equally. Not everyone can produce results like these legends of the Game and one would have to acknowledge this fact and go on with their job. But unfortunately it was exactly with the opposite in Australian Cricket Arena. They expected the results of Warne, Gilchrist and Mcgrath from Hauritz, Brad Haddin and Stuart Clarke. Com’on folks, those players were LEGENDS of the GAME and they will be easily fitted in any World XI of all time. You cannot expect their results from any other player so easily, so be realistic and live in this world. Not on any other planet.


The solution to Australian Cricket problem is very easy and they can be back and become a force very soon. Now they have to realize they don’t have the services of Great Players so they have to be realistic and patient about the results and the outcome of different events. They have to be realistic that since they literally ruined their quite good backup and now they are left with not a good team and nor a good BACKUP so they have to become patient and realistic about their approach and stick with the players and give them the room to the players so they will feel comfortable in playing for Australia. They have to stop giving players the RED SIGNAL that they will not play for Australia again at the age of 28-29, just like they did to Nathan Hauritz who is just 29 and as a spinner he still have at least 5-6 years left in him. They also have to stop avoiding players who performed for them in the recent past just because they got injured just like they did with Nathan Bracken and Stuart Clarke. With these kinds of efforts they have to build up a good team and a good bench strength sooner than later and Australia will be back with their top Game that we used to witness for a long period of time.

Liverpool’s Downfall and chances of its revival

When the Spaniard Rafa Banetez left as a Liverpool Manager, nearly everyone believed that he (Banetez) should have left earlier and he left Liverpool in a mess that probably not many expected it to be. He had a relatively successful regime at Athletico Madrid where he helped it to become what it is today or may be he provided them the hope that they can be one of the power houses apart from Barcelona and Real Madrid. He also produced or helped some player to become what they are today. Likes of Fernando Torres is one of the prime example of it. Some Players like Michel Owen, Herry Kewel, Xabi Alonso, Jhon Arne Risse, Jerzy Dudek, Luis Garcia, Morientes were the big guns to leave Liverpool in the regime of Rafa Banetez. That was one of the biggest setback one club cannot afford to have, and to Liverpool’s bad luck they were not replaced by as good of a players, compared to the one’s they replaced at the club. The only 2 good replacements were of the players like Michel Owen, and Jerzy Dudek. They were replaced by Pepe Reina and Fernando Torres. The rest of the players were more or like the below par players and for a club with a caliber of Liverpool, that is just not acceptable neither appreciable.

Rafa Benitez was the hero at Liverpool with in a first year as he helped them becoming a European Champion for the 5th time and first time in more than 20 years and the people at Anfield start believing that Liverpool could become a force in Premier League as well. The beginning was bright and yes he did not disappoint many with his tactics that he implemented in the first few years. But as the time goes on and it becomes more prominent that he is not probably the best “MAN MANAGER” as one thought it to be and his behavior with certain players made them leave the club before they wanted too. His arrogance, his stubborn attitude towards the game was not something easy to deal with. He is not the “World’s Worst Manager” but he is too stubborn with his tactics that even if he is losing the game, he will never change it. He was not good in communication as well and that was one of the setbacks for him as a manager.

Then Rafa was too arrogant to accept his mistake and he keep on doing the same mistake and yes he was not reasonable at all. Then it was down to Liverpool’s management to control him but they did not and kept giving money to Rafa to spend it on below average players. Liverpool’s financial condition was not good and Rafa made it worst along with the owners. Then when owners couldn’t find a way out of this problem, they sacked Rafa and bring in a very Average manager, Roy Hodgson. His managerial quality was not any one would doubt of, but his Caliber and Class as a manager was something everyone had one eye on. Though he made Steven Gerrard, Torres, Reina to stay and he also signed Joe Cole from Chelsea, yet those were some of the few achievements he made during his tenure at Liverpool.

He was not practically not ready for a position in one of the Big Clubs in Premier League, and that was shown when he publically accepted that his squad is not as good as Chelsea or Manchester United. Yet it was clear on the paper that his squad might not be equal in strength but it was the lack of self-belief that was there to see. He managed to get some good results in the first half of the season like a draw against Arsenal and a shocking win against Chelsea. But it was not enough to keep Liverpool even in the top half of the league, due to some defeats against the teams who are fighting for their survival in the league. They lost to Blackpool ( the new comers ) , and to Wolves and Wigan as well who were the 2 out of 3 teams in the relegation zone right now. It was not only about results, but it was the negative body language and the lack of self-belief of the team that was there to see on the playing pitch every time. The end result, Hodgsen was sacked as Liverpool in-charge just after the first half of the season.

Now comes in Kenny Daglish, so called “King Kenny” at Anfield. He is the crowd favorite for sure and the fans as well as the team looks united behind him because he was the manager 20 years ago in 1990 when Liverpool FC last won the Premier League Title. His first 3 matches as a Liverpool manager was not really great, but the self-belief was there to see. Liverpool came from 2-1 down against Everten in the Merseyside Darby and that was one prime example of what King Kenny is capable of.


Kenny Daglish appointment is no doubt a good step for the future. His managerial qualities along with the Class and Caliber as a big club Manager is known for a long time. Though he was away from the game for a long time but he can be a “Savior” for Liverpool FC and can turn their fortunes around. He is not a Magiciation nor he have any Magic stick that he will turn the mess created first by Banetez then by Hodgson. It will come by time but he have some major changes to do in his Liverpool lineup in order to become a Power House in Premier League football as well as he need the backup of new Owners both morally and financially. First of all he needs to buy a good forward to ease pressure on Torres. Then he have to make sure that he get rid of players who are below par to stay at Anfield. Like of Lucas, Maxi Rodriguez, Dirk Kuyt will fit into that category. He also needs to get some good center backs so Liverpool’s defense will become better. Last but not the lease, Liverpool FC hierarchy have to show patience and courage to stay with Kenny Daglish and give him full support to turn their fortunes around and probably make him a permanent manager as well not for just end of this season. That will make him more confident about his job as well as settle the team down as well for the longer run.


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