How India Vs Australia One Day Series is Damaging for Cricket

For every cricket lover who is passionate about the sport, will want it to be competitive.

As a constant follower of the game, the game itself has been as much of a inspiration for me as any thing else.

When i saw players giving their every thing for a run or a catch or show their commitment, it increases my hunger to achieve my goals.

When I started watching the sport more than two decades ago, there was that sense of calmness which one used to get.

With that, there was also that competitiveness as well, which made it so hard to predict what can happen.

The reason for such excitement was the fact that there was real balance between bat and ball, but sadly this India-Australia 2013 ODI series is seemingly playing the role for unbalancing the game in every aspect.

I assume that most cricket watching audience love to see see fours and sixes being hit, but I doubt that the same viewers will love the idea to see the batsman dominating the game from every aspect, and bowlers are being torn apart.

In four matches so far which have been played in the series, three times scores over 300 have been chased and 2 times scores of 350 plus have been chased in a 50-over match and that too with ease.

Someone who have been watching sports for such along time, it is absolutely mind boggling to say that there was no one incident over all-that time period revealed the importance of bringing back the balance of bat and ball in the game.



It’s sad and hard to see bowlers from both teams playing the role of bowling machine, so that once 50 overs are done, they can sit and watch the same thing happening with the opposition’s bowling attack.

Looking at such flat tracks, it seems like its the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) who are whole and sole responsible for it.

Such tracks make cricket similar to a football match with no goalkeepers at either end, and that’s now secret how much fun that would have been.


Any one who follows cricket day in day out cannot deny the brilliance of Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan or Australian captain George Bailey, but there brilliance will be overshadowed by the fact that this run fest strategy implemented by the BCCI, is not helping the game or the teams itself.Image


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