Juventus Looking To Draxler to Strengthen Midfield

Juventus Looking to Draxler to Bolster their Midfield

Juventus are looking to German starlet midfielder Julain Draxler to strengthen their midfield after the departure of the midfield maestro’s in Pirlo and Vidal. Juventus did sign another German International Sami Khedira for free from Real Madrid after his contract came to an end. However, with 2 quality midfielders leaving and Pogba been linked with different clubs, Juventus is in need of a quality midfielder and they are looking to Draxler to fill that gap and give the Italian Champions a much needed balance.

German International had a hard time during the 14-15 season in which he only managed to appear 15 times for Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga due to injuries, out of which only 8 times he started for the German giants. Draxler was sidelined due to thigh injury at the end of the first half of the season, which kept him out for months. Before that he had an Achilles problem that kept him on the sidelines. However, Draxler is a quality not many have doubted for. In his short career, he had reached the heights not many players could have dreamt of. He was the part of the World Cup winning German side, and he is being long tipped as the next big thing in German football.

Pirlo and Vidal left the Italian Champion this Summer

For Juventus, Draxler will bring something different than Vidal or Pirlo. Assuming that he will be fit enough to reclaim his best form, Draxler is great in the year, and is taller than Vidal which might prove helpful for Juventus. He got the vision to create that final ball, is very good with the long shot and have the strength to hold the ball in the middle. He lacks that aggressive instinct that Vidal had, but that has to do with the fact that he was playing at a more attacking position in Schalke. With Juventus looking to strengthen their central defensive midfield, Draxler will have to develop that skill in the time to come, or Juve can play him in a more attacking position.

Draxler will hope to reclaim his best form for the Italian Champions

With Juventus looking to bolster their midfield, Draxler can prove to be a wild card for them, which can be of great affect in the time to come. Yes, he did had a hard time in the last season and yes, he might not be the best replacement for an experience Vidal around, but at his age and with the talent that he possesses, Juventus can hope that he will be their main stay in the midfield for years to come.

The article originally appeared on Playingfor90.com.


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